"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."

Let's learn a little about me:

I'm a small town girl. Wisconsin born and raised.

i am a mother. wife. homemaker. friend. photographer.


fun facts:

we didn't have a big wedding - my father married us in 2009.


i like to think i am fun and spontaneous.


-other things i love-

- chicken tacos (yum!)  - romantic movies - Apple - coloring with my children - family nights - movies - camping - Nikon gear - silhouettes


really don't have a favorite type of session - i love everything photography related

-My World-



What is your style?
I like to say that my style is raw, real, emotional, and fun. I say bend-the-rules-photojournalistic when describing my wedding/portrait style.
What is this photojournalistic approach?
Photojournalism is defined as telling a story with photos, more as a documenting than posing. With no involvement, direction or control from the photographer. I’m capturing a moment as it happens without orchestrating it. Now enter “Bend-the-rules” term. As much as I love to document these beautiful moments where you are interacting with no guidance from me, some are actually my favorite from a session, I do tend to mix in poses and directed moments for those more traditional portraits.
Do you direct us?
Yes and I constantly start a session by telling people I’m a little bit bossy. Guiding and directing a good clean photo is what I do! As mentioned above, I love to guide my clients and in those moments right before or after the “pose”…many times it's the best shot!! I love to find inspiration from different sources to have fun and unique photos and locations.
How long until we get our photos?
approximately 14 days
Do we have a print release?
The session does not include a print release, but you have the option to purchase digital files with a print release at your private ordering session.
What’s in your bag?
Nikon cameras + lenses and of course my beloved...35mm Sigma ART